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Samsung Galaxy S11e to come with a large display on the back

Author at TechGenyz Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S11e Smartphone

Komatsu recently was the high-end Galaxy Note 10 series introduced. We now have to wait until February 2020 before Samsung will present its new top models, this time within the famous S-series. The design of the Galaxy S8, S9 and S10 was fairly close together, it is expected that the Korean manufacturer will provide the S11 with a completely new design.

The company has since introduced numerous smartphone designs, one with a notch, the other with a rotating camera. Nowadays, high-end models are equipped with a punch-hole camera. Where are Samsung’s thoughts going this time?

Although other smartphone manufacturers seem to focus on a so-called ‘waterfall display’, Samsung seems to have wiped this project off the table for the time being. The company also does not seem to be ready to provide the Galaxy S11 with an under-screen camera.

However, there is another alternative, a nice interim solution that is nevertheless innovative for the Samsung Galaxy line-up: a dual-screen smartphone. With a screen on the back for taking selfies, so that a full-screen design can be realized on the front.

Samsung has been around for a long time with this idea, LetsGoDigital reported more than a year ago about a Samsung smartphone with a dual display. Halfway through this year, the company again filed a utility patent for a dual-display Samsung smartphone, when the operation and benefits of such a design were discussed. This time, the Korean producer has filed a design patent, to record the actual design of such a model.

Double-sided phone with a dual camera

In June 2018, Samsung Electronics filed a design patent with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a dual display smartphone. The design patent entitled ‘Electronic device’ was published on September 10, 2019, and includes seven patent sketches.

For better visualization of the patented product, LetsGoDigital has designed a series of 3D product renders, based on the enclosed sketches.

Samsung Galaxy Large Display

If we look at the front, this device looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S10, which was introduced earlier this year. It is a stylish and slim designed smartphone with minimal screen edges.

The screen border on the bottom side is further minimized, making it just as narrow as the edges on the two sides. The speaker is placed in the upper bezel. A notch does not have this device, nor has a pop-up or punch-hole camera been used. It is a fulL-screen design.

In addition, we see a second screen on the back, thanks to this display. Selfie shots can be made with the main camera. This way you have a beautifully symmetrical front and you can also take high-quality portrait shots.

In contrast to the front display, there is no curved display on the rear, but a flat display. This way you can prevent the screen from being damaged too quickly if you put the phone down on the table.

The screen on the back covers roughly 60% of the total surface. The display does not extend all the way to the bottom. In this way, you keep a good grip on the smartphone, without the screen getting stuck under fingerprints.

The cameras are placed above the second screen. The patent sketches show a double camera, which is positioned in the upper left corner. Horizontally apart. An LED flash is placed directly next to the camera. For the product renders we started from the patent sketches and so we show a dual camera. With this design, Samsung has opted for a dual-camera system, possibly meant for the S11e.

After all, it would be a unique feature for this model. By only providing the Galaxy S11e with a double screen, Samsung does not have to take any risks with the other top devices from the S-series. The more expensive models are also widely used in the business world, where people are most likely not waiting for such a display on the back. With the S11e, the Korean manufacturer very well knows how to appeal to the right target group; young people. After all, they love making selfies.

The render below illustrates what the device would look like if a punch-hole camera was also used. This would allow you to hold a group video chat, for example, with someone who is at the front and rear of the device, and a third or fourth person who connects via another mobile device.

Furthermore, we see two buttons on the patent sketches on the right, probably meant for the on / off button and the volume buttons. A Bixby button seems to be missing, which is also the case with the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Finally, the bottom shows a USB Type-C connection, as well as a microphone.

With the Note 10, all buttons are correctly moved to the left, this has to do with the fact that you can operate this device with a stylus pen, this is held by most people in their right hand, making it more convenient to use the buttons on the left to place.

With the patented smartphone, the buttons are on the right, the left is completely free of buttons. The sketches also show no storage compartment for a stylus. It, therefore, seems more logical that this device is placed within the high-end Galaxy S series. Another option is the Galaxy A series, for which various innovative phones have been presented this year.

There are no A-series smartphones available with a curved screen, and the A50 and higher models are also equipped with a triple camera. However, it seems unlikely that Samsung wants to place this device under the A50. It is, therefore, more logical that this phone is equipped with powerful hardware in order to function as a budget model within the S-series.

In the meantime, the company has also defined a number of alternative designs, using a flexible display. Such as a smartphone with a continuous screen to the rear as well as a dual-screen foldable smartphone.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Fold has now been officially launched, display manufacturers simply seem to need more time to implement flexible screens. And so the patented mobile phone seems to offer a good alternative for the meantime. As said, it is certainly not inconceivable that the Samsung Galaxy S11e is chosen for this.

In the coming months, there will undoubtedly be more known about the new S-series models. These devices are expected in early 2020. The MWC (Mobile World Congress) will take place at the end of February 2020 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Samsung has a big impact on this telecom fair every year, and in all likelihood, the new S-series smartphones will also be exhibited here.

It is obvious that three models will again be chosen, in the form of a Galaxy S11e, an S11, and an S11+. We will let you know as soon as more details are known about these phones!