Google launched its updated version of its Android (Go Edition) mobile operating system for entry-level phones based on Android 10.

Android 10 (Go Edition) is aimed at further improving the experience for entry-level phone users. It is claimed to be faster than its previous iteration based on Android Pie and will let users switch between apps at a faster pace and in a more memory-efficient manner.

Android Go basically is built to run on phones that have 1.5GB of RAM or less. Phones such as these are top-rated in developing markets where, for many people, their first connection to the internet will be made on Android Go-based smartphone.

The new version of Android Go is now the leanest version of the operating system ever, taking up roughly half as much space as Android 7 Nougat. It was designed to make storage encryption more efficient for devices without cryptographic acceleration, which means it does not require special hardware and as a result, won’t create a stress on the silicon inside phones running Android 10 (Go Edition).

Google claims so far, more than 500 manufacturers have launched over 1,600 Android Go-powered phones in 180+ countries within the last 18 months. Android 10 (Go Edition) will be out this fall.