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In this article, some key criteria and help you understand how you can write on the TechGenyz Contributor Platform. We have certain guidelines to maintain that TechGenyz has a consistent voice and tone. The guidelines below will give you a clear idea of the kind of content we usually accept from our guest authors.

Who can become a guest author

  • The person should be a C-Suite Executive, Entrepreneur, Vice President of a company, startup founder, researcher, professor, doctor, wellness coach, analyst, and others.
  • The person should have industry expertise in the topic he is writing on.
  • The person has writing experience and has written on other reputed online media platforms.
  • The writer should write in the voice and tone of TechGenyz and attracts readers with his/her appealing content.
  • Irrespective of the above criteria, our Editors will review all the submissions as per our guidelines.

Content topics we cover

We maintain a consistent voice, tone, and style. We encourage our authors to create content keeping our editorial style in mind that helps TechGenyz to maintain a brand voice. Your content should fall into three categories – Ideas, Opinion, and Analysis and in mentioned topics.

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Startup & Entrepreneurship
  • Blogging, WordPress & Website
  • Wellness, Mental Health, Sleep and Wisdom
  • SEO, SEM & PPC
  • Wellness, Mental Health, Sleep and Wisdom
  • How To & Best Practice
  • Business Growth & Strategy
  • Career & Motivation
  • Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Blockchain
  • AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing

Content guidelines

  • The article submitted should match the content topics we cover.
  • The article should focus on a key theme/problem/issue and how your content is giving a solution to it.
  • The authors should have the domain authority on the topic he/she is writing.
  • The article can be submitted on the latest trends in the market and important developments in a specific industry.
  • Your article should include relevant data, information, graphics, research that backs your content.
  • Our editors will review your article which are submitted to us, and then we can share the update if that is approved or not. Once it is published you will a notication in your account.

Submission guidelines

You can register on our platform by giving your details like first name, last name, email ID, and choose your username and password. Next, you will receive a confirmation mail to verify your email. Once your email ID is verified, please fill up all the required details to get your account verified. We take two working days to review and verify your account. Once your account is approved you will receive an email from us with your login credentials and a guide on how to use our platform.


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Once your account is verified, you can start writing to you on TechGenyz Author Dashboard.

  • Your article should follow the US English writing style.
  • Make sure the article adheres to the word count i.e. more than 1000 words.
  • If you have mentioned research or analysis taken from another source, please provide a link to that source.
  • You can add images, infographics you feel should be included in your article. Please mention the image source and not copyrighted. We hate Plagiarism.
  • If an author submits plagiarised content, we will reject that content and block that person from our contributor list for future submissions.
  • Edit your profile to add author bio, profile image to help readers get to know you better.
  • Also, add your LinkedIn and Twitter profile URL or website URL.

Things you need to remember

  • By submitting your content, you grant us the right to adapt your article to TechGenyz style.
  • The TechGenyz team may also correct your text grammatically and change its structure.
  • TechGenyz reviews each content to ensure it maintains an editorial view, tone, and theme.
  • TechGenyz has the right to reject content after review.
  • You assure us the content is not copied from other sources.
  • You can not publish the content in another publication after it is published on our website. If we find violate of this term, we will delete the content immediately and block your author profile.
  • The links in the article should be natural and not spamming, Your article will be rejected.

Our editorial team reviews every submission that comes to us. We help our readers with the information that matters to them and answers the questions they are looking for. Please do not try to submit a promotional article. Our readers want to read your insights, learn from your industry experience, and tell about you and your company; you add a link in your author bio. If you promotional content like a native ad, sponsor content, reviews, press release, display ad, and eBook sponsorship, please CONTACT HERE.

You might fail to impress us

We can not approve your content if you fail to impress our editors and accept the guidelines. Here are those:

  • Topic the article topic does not align with us
  • The content length of fewer than 700 words
  • Content does not add value or not well researched
  • Content is not unique
  • Content is a rewrite of existing content
  • Content is added with a promotional link of a product, service, or company or any links added just for link-building.
  • Irrelevant links, or redirect chain links for spamming
  • Any work that violates copyright

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