As we step into the 5G era, Huawei obviously saw this appropriate time and hence has decided to take a step forward by launching the new Huawei VR Glass at a conference in China. VR glasses, which brings a lighter VR experience. The smart glass is thin and light in weight.

Huawei VR Glass fully considers the fashion sense of the product while ensuring the product experience. The surface of the glasses uses optical coating technology to enhance the surface metallic luster. The mirror material is selected from the flagship nano-texture processing technology. At the same time, the glasses use a calm black, conveying a low-key fashion.

The device comes with a configuration with double speaker and Smart PA support and is composed of an elastic (and magnetic) body designed to fit ergonomically. Huawei VR Glass is able to support the maximum resolution of 2K (3200 x 1600 pixels), with a density of 1058 PPI.

The traditional VR head is large in size and can easily put a burden on the user. From the design point of view, Huawei VR Glass is based on the concept of sci-fi goggles. It has achieved a very small size under the condition of ensuring a large field of view. The thickness of the fuselage is 26.6mm, which is only one-third of the thickness of the traditional VR, and the wearing weight is only 166g.

Huawei VR Glass Lenses

HUAWEI VR Glass provides an integrated elastic strap to meet the sliding problems of different people when wearing and is suitable for all sizes of heads.

Huawei VR Glass will go on sale at a price of 2,999 yuan in China starting in December. Regarding its availability in the global market, we do not know if the new VR will arrive or not.