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Amazon’s reveals new Alexa devices at the annual Hardware event

Author at TechGenyz Gadget
Alexa Devices
Amazon Reveals New Alexa Devices At Its Hardware 2019 Event

Amazon unveiled more than a dozen new Alexa-enabled products at the annual Amazon Hardware event in Seattle on September 26. The list of products include a wide range of Alexa featured products, from Echo Loop to an oven.

A large number of home products and hardware devices are sold on Amazon at a daily basis. However, they did not disclosed the amount of total company revenue. Amazon hardware chief, Dave Limp said in a CNBC report:

"We try to price our products effectively at about what they cost to make. We think that’s very aligned with customers, we don’t make a lot of money on them, we don’t lose a lot of money on them, but what we try to do is then make money both for us and developers when customers use the products, not just when they buy them".

Here's a list of everything Amazon has announced at the event:

Amazon Echo Studio with s5 speakers:

Amazon announced a whole new update to the company Echo line with its Alexa powered home products.

The Echo Studio features s5 speakers with Dolby Atmos technology for 3D audio. It also has three 2-inches mid-range speakers (up, left and right), one 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch woofer with bass aperture. The device also supports the new Amazon Music HD service and Zigbee for more advanced home automation.

This Echo Studio is priced at $200 and will be released on November 7.

Echo Loop, the smart ring

Echo Loop is a smart ring that has a built-in microphone, speaker and an all-day battery life. This ring is also Alexa powered and the users can use the ring to make calls, control your smart home and do everything they desire to do. The ring also includes a wireless charging stand.

The Day 1 edition of the smart ring comes at $130 and is available with invitation only. Users can order a kit with dummy rings of different sizes and pick the right one for themselves.

Echo Frames to add up

Have you ever wished to have the specs that Tony Stark left for Spiderman? Well now you can have them. Though the new Echo Frames don't have AR like Google Glass, but they certainly can make calls, set reminders, add things to your to-do list and more.

It has a longer battery life and also support podcasts. The Day 1 Edition of the frame costs $180 where as it has a regular price of $250.

Echo Buds for a better music experience

Echo Buds are truly wireless earbuds from Amazon with Alexa built in. They claim to have 5 hours of playback on their own, where as the charging case brings the total up to 20 hours. Furthermore, if you charge it for 15 minutes, it is enough for 2 hours of music.

They come with audio cred and feature dual drivers and a 3 microphone array with Bose Active Noise Cancellation. They will retail at a price of $130 and will be released on October 30.

In addition to these, the ring, glasses and earbuds can also work with the Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

The Echo Show 8

This features an 8-inch HD screen that can display the daily itinerary, show who’s at the door with a Ring camera, and even play TV shows and movies. There is a 1MP front camera and two 2 inch speakers for video calling and music. There is also a hardware slider that can cover the camera and disable the microphones for privacy.

The Echo Show 8 is reportedly on pre-order now and will be available on November 21.

Echo Dot for your daily convenience

The 3rd generation Echo Dot normally acts as a small speaker, but the sandstone version has a digital clock visible through the cloth. It shows time and also switches to a temperature display when you ask about the weather.

The device will be released on October 16 at $60, and without the clock it will cost $50.

Echo Flex, the smart speaker

Echo Flex is an amazing new speaker that also works as a charger. It is reportedly designed for small paces with no room where you can put a speaker, plug it in and it will stay on the wall.

Additionally, the speaker has a USB port on the bottom, which can be used to charge your phone (7.5W output).

Amazon smart oven

Amazon came up with an Alexa equipped smart oven to make your kitchen smart. The oven will cost $249 and will be equipped with convection cooking and an air fryer. The most noteworthy feature is that users can also scan packaged food items from the Alexa app. This will trigger the oven to start cooking.

The company also promised the buyers an Echo Dot with every purchase of Amazon smart oven.

WiFi products

The new Wi-Fi router Eero is updated with new technology and reportedly give users whole-home WiFi coverage. The single device will cost $99 and the 3 pack one will cost $249.99. They will be available for preorder from September 26.

Amazon has also announced its new wireless technology called Sidewalk. This will have a 900mHz wireless band to let users control their home devices at a longer range than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allows.

What's more

Amazon also announced a new device called Fetch that will attach to a dog’s collar, allowing the owner to track it. Along with these, the company unveiled a "doorbell concierge", which adds the voice assistant to Ring smart doorbells, making it more convenient while answering the door. Amazon has a new trick up on their sleeves as they introduced an Alexa feature that uses AI to mimic celebrity voices and this will be available from later this year.

The company also announced two more Alexa Hunches updates. One of them will allow Alexa to remind users if a battery needs to be replaced or if printer cartridges are running low on ink. The other one brings Hunches to Alexa routines, so that it suggests alarms, weather alerts and other information based on its user’s habits.

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