How to expand and refine your Google Ads Campaigns?



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Google Ads Campaigns are very effective for all companies, works as a speedy success tool in web-based businesses. It is based on the feed. You can achieve a certain efficiency in the business immediately by creating a quality feed.

It is a fact that Google earns the highest advertising revenue through this tool. Even online business owners launch trading campaigns to attract more customers easily and sell products/services in bulk. 

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Properly configured ads and extensions will make your advertising more visible and attractive, improve the CTR, quality score, and revenues. So, what are the effective tips to expand and refine your Google Ad Campaigns? Let’s find out. 

1. Target in-market audiences for better results

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Google is the biggest platform which collects a huge amount of search data. The biggest question here arise is – Where the data come from and where do they go? Can marketers make use of them? And, the answer is – Yes. Google recently introduced In-Market Audiences to Google Adword tool. Which helps, advertisers to target users based on their behavior, to know about the products and services they are interested in

Let’s understand with an example:

It allows them to know the search intent of visitors. If someone desires to explore electric cars, then “the best electric cars” can be considered as the best ad for the sales funnel. 

You must always remember that Google can match this search data with a conversion rate of similar ads. 

Clothing, real estate, travel, and telecommunication use such ads to attract customers. 

In order to use this new feature, create a new ad group or edit an existing one, and select “Interests and remarketing” under “Choose how to target ads”. 

Click on the “Select Category” drop-down list and choose the 3rd option – Audience interested buyers. It can help you to get 100M hits on your website if you run your ad properly. When you use this feature, combine this data with other targeting options to boost the outcome.

2. Optimize the landing page with CRO principles

CRO (conversion rate optimization) is a technique that allows you to increase website traffic and conversion. It is an essential tool for business owners that look for speedy growth while running premium ads. 

In simple words, the landing page is a regular page where users and certain traffic are redirected to perform specific actions. 

Landing pages are used for the collection of email addresses, service orders, downloads, videos, sales, and make recommendations to customers. On several occasions, premium advertising and SEO don’t help to turn visitors into potential customers. 

Therefore, marketers resort to A / B Testing to make sure that landing pages have good visibility and offer the best option for users. Now, when you run ads, conduct A / B Testing for landing pages of your website. In this test, webmasters compare two versions of the same page to determine which one is more effective.

  • The page with a higher conversion rate is declared as the winner. 
  • Website traffic is the best source of interested visitors to the landing page.
  • Check the placement of keywords, titles, meta tags, canonical URLs, pictures, etc, on the landing page. 
  • Conduct SEO optimization of landing pages regularly.
  • More the inbound links you have on the landing page, the higher the likelihood that visitors will follow them and may not come back again. 

Placing the link in the landing page with the CTA button will also grab the attention thus, maximize the conversion rate. It will also simplify the redirection of traffic to the landing page and increase the conversion rate up to a great extent. 

You can run an affiliate program for the landing page, make sure that links open in a new tab/window so that users do not leave the landing page itself.

Be Creative About Geo-Targeting

In simple words, Geo-targeting is a system that allows you to show ads where you want. It filters the target audience by regional characteristics to make advertising more effective & help companies to generate leads and sales in bulk. 

Turn Clicks into Customers with Lead Pages

Most companies have a limited budget for Google Ad Campaigns. They have to save their resources and try to get potential buyers precisely in the least possible time. 

The success of Google Ad Campaigns, in terms of geo-targeting, is determined by the volume of investments, modus operandi, and location. 

  • It is important to consider the region and its features seriously while planning an advertisement. Otherwise, you will get a minimal return on considerable expenses. 
  • You need to consider regional differences and characteristics of consumer perception. 
  • Advertising of the same service or product in different parts of the country should differ as per local socio-cultural characteristics. 
  • Always keep in mind that Advertising images that are relevant in one part of the country may look bad in another. This can affect the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Local targeting is a type of geographic targeting. It allows you to display ads within a radius of 1 to 15 km from your company. 

  • It works wonders for shops, cafes, restaurants, workshops, and salons. 
  • It helps you to get more business opportunities in a particular location.
  • You can ensure the financial success of the campaign soon after its successful launch. 
  • Always keep in mind that geotargeting leads to a significant reduction in budget. 
  • It increases the conversion and ROI up to a great extent. 

4. Create Ads with real-time updates

Creating Google Ads Campaigns can be a problem if a company sells different products with different offers for each. The manual process to change this ad material takes a long time and chances of mistakes are an all-time high. 

Nevertheless, Google offers several scripts. You can use those scripts to add dynamic text to your campaigns. Scripts provide a flexible approach to urgency and increase the quality score because of the automated matching of the ad and landing page. 

5. Machine learning made monitoring easy

These days, Machine learning technologies are being used in search, mail, and translator. They have algorithms to process a large amount of data on time with great work efficiency. Now, marketers have to track thousands of indicators to understand the performance of SEO and Google Ad Campaigns. It is no longer possible if all the work is done manually. 

For Advertisers

High-quality personalization with high-tech solutions are the main challenges. Nowadays we can monitor the consumer’s path to know the purchase of products and services. Machine learning technology analyzes the signals coming from customers, help you to create relevant ads and show them at the right time and at right place. 

For Auctioneers

It also helps in optimizing the bids during the auction, after analyzing a wide range of signals. The algorithm takes note of the device and its location, search queries, time, and interface language. Based on the information, the system calculates the optimal bid independently & applies it to each auction. Google’s Intelligent Betting Tool allows you to set goals for performance indicators in accordance with the company’s business objectives & increase the performance of your Google Ad Campaigns. 

6. Overcome advertiser objections

The main reason for dissatisfaction is incomprehensible metrics that prevent brands and PPC experts from selling products and services effectively. The duopoly of Google makes people feel irritated. Always keep in mind that Google controls the lion’s share of the search advertising market and has a huge amount of data.

Advertisers try to understand their advertising campaigns and figure out what works and what does not. Google limits the amount of analytics and data with which advertisers can track campaign performance especially when it comes to comparing metrics with other digital platforms. 

While purchasing products or services, customers already know the risk that may occur. Design your ads by Adwords PPC services company in such a way that they solve customer’s problems easily and encourage  them to buy from you. 

7. Proper use of keywords fetch more leads

To help target users to see the advertisement, you need to learn to use proper keywords for your ad campaign. Otherwise, you will burn your money for negligible results. 

Keyword Matching Types in Google Advertising

Brief Explanation
Broad match It is specified in the default campaign settings. It does not limit the coverage in any way. Potential buyers will see your ad, even if the keyword is written with errors or typos in their search term.
Phrase Match With this match, users will see the ad if their query contains a keyword and options close to it.
Exact match

This is the narrowest type of match, which allows users to see the ad set up if a phrase fully matches the keyword or is very similar to it.
The broad match modifier

With its help, you can refine the keywords. Put a “+” sign in front of the desired word to apply it to your ad material. In such cases, the user’s request may contain other words before, after and between the components of the keyword. It will help you find the most relevant queries and show advertisements to potential buyers. It increases CTR and conversion rate up to a great extent. If you have an impressive experience in setting contextual advertising, use the broad match modifier without any hesitation. 
Negative Keywords It helps to stop the display of ads to non-target users and save your advertising budget.

Final Words

SEO services professionals and companies run Google Ad campaigns to increase awareness of the brand, reach out to a large number of customers, and sell products/services. Blunders in premium advertising can cost dearer. So, be active and run Google Ad campaigns carefully. Follow the above-mentioned recommendations to ensure everything is going as per your plan and helping you to generate ample lead and sales every day. Best of Luck!

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