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Perks of having a GPS device with a camera in your car

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
GPS Camera System
Car Camera with GPS

GPS tracking system has grown to popularity in the past few years. Such an advanced technology helps you with the security of the car and keep up with the well-being of your family. But, with the passing time, a simple car GPS is not enough when you gander upon the security of your car. A mere GPS tracking device is only efficient in tracking the whereabouts of the vehicle, but there is no way it can tell how the car is being driven.

Instead, when you are investing, you should invest in a GPS tracking device that has a car camera feature added to it. It is designed to capture every sound and image of any event happening around the car. The advantages that come with having a camera with a car GPS tracking system are listed below.

Track the behavior of chauffer

Lately, you must have seen that the trend of chauffeur driven cars has risen. Due to heavy traffic or road behavior, people prefer not wanting to sit behind the wheels and instead hire a chauffeur to do so. Though as great as it sounds, people hiring chauffeurs to drive them or their families around have a lot of concerns.

However, with the help of a camera on the dashboard, you can keep a track of the chauffeurs. Be it reckless driving, over speeding or misusing the AC, you can get real-time updates of any discourteous behavior. The camera monitors the inside view of the car and records the outside of the car. Now, you need not worry about chauffeurs and keep track while your family travels with the chauffeur.

Keep your kids away from sneaking out in a car

While growing up, children are meant to be notorious and unknowingly invite trouble. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an extra pair of eyes to keep an eye on your teen child when you are away? If your teen has a habit of sneaking out in the car, having a GPS tracking device with a camera can help you keep a tab on them. You can easily track the whereabouts of your child. It also helps in monitoring your kids’ driving behavior, be it looking at the tally on speed limit or helping them with defensive driving.

Create a memoir of trips

As soon as Ladakh season gets into full swing, hundreds of adventurists prepare themselves for enthralling and adventurous roads of Leh highway. A dashcam comes in handy for such trips. The camera along with a GPS tracking system captures important and memorable moments during the journey. The camera shows a combined view of the live video and a map to track the car location along the road. You can also pan and zoom the live video on your smartphone. Some devices come with cloud storage and let you easily flaunt your trip videos on Instagram!

Ensure overall safety

India has a high rate of accidents happening at every nook and corner. Having a camera with your car GPS helps you retrieve the footage and lets you have the upper hand in case of such an instance. The footage can reveal important details including the accident and delivers precise details of real-time imagery. This device eliminates any doubts and can help you know exactly what happened to your car. Sometimes your driver could be at fault and will be making excuses,  but with a car GPS camera, there is nothing but the truth.

In today’s age, a camera has become a necessity with a GPS tracking device. Abridging a vanilla GPS tracking device with a dash camera, KENT CamEye is one of its kind car security devices. KENT CamEye comes with a pre-installed 4G sim that always keeps the device connected to the internet and lets you upload data on cloud storage. This device is not only easy to install, but you can easily order it from Amazon India. Install KENT CamEye in your car to be always in touch with your loved ones and be safe!

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