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Tilt Five game board with AR glasses lets you experience 3D hologram games

Author at TechGenyz Augmented Reality
AR Glasses
3D Hologram Experience With Classic Gameboard

A startup company Tilt Five has developed a particular game system, which can experience your games as a 3D hologram. For this, you first have to put the supplied Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. The advantage of AR over VR (Virtual Reality) is that only elements are added to the real world. So you can still see everything you normally see, including the friends you play with.

Only a few extras are added, in this case, the game board comes to life as soon as you put on the glasses. Through the board, you can play a variety of AR games, from puzzle games to adventure games or racing games. Some games are pre-installed as standard.

Experience 3D games with AR glasses

As soon as you put on the glasses, the game board shows animated 3D images that pop holographically from the game board. The AR glasses are equipped with two HD micro projectors and two cameras.

One camera serves to follow the gamer's head, the other monitors the hands, cards, and tokens on the table. The controller is connected via Bluetooth and can be used to control the game.

The light glasses have a weight of only 85 grams, a 110˚ viewing angle, and a large visor, making it easy to see through. There are also stereo speakers built-in, as well as a microphone, so you can talk to other players when you play an online game.

Because the game system also has an internet connection, you can also stream games online, to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

The Tilt Five LE or XE system is easy to connect with an Android phone or tablet, but also with a Windows PC. The game board comes with the AR glasses, a wall controller, USB cable, a variety of nose pieces and different introduction games (single-player and multi-player games). If you wear prescription glasses, that is also thought of.

The Augmented Reality glasses works on most prescription lenses, you only need to use the nose piece that fits best.

Choice of two-game systems: large and small

The XE Game Board is larger than the LE variant and also offers multiple configurations. You can turn it into a square board or a longboard, depending on the game you play. The larger board is also ideal for playing multiplayer games. And thanks to the water and fingerprint-resistant coating, the game board has an extra-long service life.

With VR gaming you sometimes suffer from images that get out of focus, there is also often a delay. The Tilt Five AR game system does not seem to know these problems. The latency is only 6ms and regardless of whether you are directly in front of the game board or a little further away (10cm - 2m), the images must look extremely sharp, the manufacturer says.

Price & Availability

This 3D augmented reality game system will be launched in June 2020. The price has not been announced yet, although you already have the option to reserve a copy through Kickstarter. For the LE model (with 1 AR glasses) you have to pay $300 USD. For the XE-Kit, prices start at $360 USD. If you want to play together, you can buy a bundle of 3 glasses/controllers for a price of $880 USD.

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