Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 18,735,564
    Confirmed: 18,735,564
    Active: 6,083,135
    Recovered: 11,947,368
    Death: 705,061
  • USA 4,919,116
    Confirmed: 4,919,116
    Active: 2,275,882
    Recovered: 2,482,899
    Death: 160,335
  • Brazil 2,808,076
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    Active: 741,213
    Recovered: 1,970,767
    Death: 96,096
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    Recovered: 1,282,929
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    Recovered: 669,026
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    South Africa
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    Active: 148,683
    Recovered: 363,751
    Death: 8,884
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    Active: 100,838
    Recovered: 300,254
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    Recovered: 336,330
    Death: 9,745
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    Active: 321,396
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,498
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    Recovered: 274,932
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    Recovered: ?
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    Saudi Arabia
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    Death: 6,014
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    Recovered: 79,047
    Death: 4,634
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    Confirmed: 55,955
    Active: 49,805
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,150
  • Australia 19,444
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    Active: 8,398
    Recovered: 10,799
    Death: 247
  • S. Korea 14,456
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,456
    Active: 748
    Recovered: 13,406
    Death: 302
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
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    Active: 24
    Recovered: 1,523
    Death: 22

PUBG Lite update unveils Lite Pass Season 2, Chicken Medal and more

Author at TechGenyz Gaming
Pubg Lite Pass

PUBG Lite has always been favorite among people for its compatibility with a wide range of devices that have less RAM to run the game. The developers of the game released a new update of the game on October 10 and this update brings forth a bunch of new developments and events.

The new update includes additional in-game currencies, a new 4v4 game mode, a few more modifications in the store along with the two-season update. In addition to these, the game update has fixed a few bug problems from the previous version.

New Currencies to add up

This new update introduces two types of new in-game currencies other than BP and L-COIN- Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet.

The Chicken Medal is a new special currency that can be exchanged for paid crates. You can exchange four chicken medal for a crate, but the exchange rate may vary depending on the price of the crate.

The chicken medal can be acquired from the daily login event, through LITE PASS & LITE PASS: Premium Rewards, Challenge Missions, Daily Mission, PUBG LITE Playday event on weekends, crates purchased with BP and community events.

On the contrary, the Silver Bullet is acquired when a skin item is scrapped. Whenever you scrap any items, you will now get Silver Bullet instead of BP. The exchange rate of silver bullet varies according to the background color of an item. E.g. with black background items you can get 10 silver bullets, with pink background items you can get 400 silver bullets and the coral background items can give you up to 500 silver bullets.

Lite Pass season 2

The new Lite Pass season 2 will be available from October 10 and will run for 8 weeks ending on December 5th. The season will extend till December 12 allowing the players to claim their rewards after the season ends. The daily missions will start at 00:00 AM (UTC) and the weekly missions will reset at 00:00 AM every Thursday (UTC).

Alongside these; Beginner, Premium and Challenge Missions are available for completion over the duration of the LITE PASS Season 2. Premium missions will only be available for the players who will purchase a LITE PASS: Premium. Players can purchase the LITE PASS: Premium till December 2, 2019.

The new challenge missions include UMP45 and BODIE (4 vs 4 Mode). You can now enjoy several activities including vaulting, destroying tires, shattering windows, using emotes, destroying a door, etc.

Survival Title System Season 2

This new season has arrived with new season rewards. This season will also be made live from October 10 and will run till December 12. The season rewards include- Novice V 1000, Experience V 2000, Skilled V 3000, Specialist V 4000, Expert 5000 and Survivor 6000.

The new 4 vs 4 modes have a new career record system for keeping a track of player’s gameplay achievements and statistics. Whenever you complete more than 20 matches in the 4v4 mode, they can check records e.g. matches played, win rate, kill streak, KDA  ratio, accuracy, headshots, etc.

Bug fixes:

This new update of the game has solved some major bug issues in the game. The developers have fixed the angle of the scope issue where it would become transparent as a result of weapon collision. It was also impossible to enter a wall under a certain bridge in Sanhok and now it is fixed.

Punch sounds could be heard louder than intended across different floors in a building and the texture of the soft top UAZ rear wheels would not display properly. These problems were also fixed. Sometimes after matchmaking, it would get canceled after presenting a pop-up message, this issue is also solved.

The new update is live now with new exciting items and missions along with the improved gaming features. Go and try it out now!



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