Winter is around the corner and the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has continued to unleash products that’ll make winter much easier to manage.  Just a few days back, the Smart Mi home electric heater 1s was launched. Right now, Xiaomi has a crowd raised a cotton Smith smart down jacket.

It is a Cotton Smith-branded smart jacket specially designed for the winter. The down jacket can also be split into a jacket and a down inner layer that will be able to keep you warm during extremely cold weather with a temperature as low as -120°C.

The official said that this down jacket uses graphene multi-zone heating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences graphene carbon nanotube heating technology. It can withstand more than 100,000 bends and 1200 °C heating.

The electrothermal conversion efficiency is as high as 99%. It is hot in 1 second and supports hand washing machine washing. The jacket is stuffed mechanically to make sure it’s equally distributed so as to stay all overheat.

The temperature of the jacket can be controlled according to the user’s needs. It is powered employing a power bank and Xiaomi claims a 10,000mAh power bank that can deliver continuous heating of the jacket for up to 7 hours, enough to attend an outdoor event.

The jacket is now available at a crowdfunding price of 599 yuan.