TCL is at an aim to solve bigger screen problems by adding one more hinge to its big display. TCL’s new prototype is a dual-hinged phone, which folds in three parts and opens into a huge, 10-inch tablet.

The DragonHinge fold in, like a book, or like the Galaxy Fold, while the Butterfly Hinge folds the opposite way. The two hinges generate a zigzag shape as you open and close the device. In addition to a wider tablet form, this method of folding also makes sure that at least one fold is always on the outside to be used as a normal phone.

There are also four cameras on the back, which is going to be quite an accomplishment for the foldable phone and only one on the front. With the other ordinary foldable phones, the act of folding feels physical which makes one appreciate the engineering of any company attempting to make devices whose screens bend in half.

The company has already trotted out concept designs and announced its DragonHinge months before this particular dual-hinge effort. While Samsung and Huawei are busy with their single fold display we wait to see how double hinges work.