Research: Turn your pets into GANimals with AI and NVIDIA

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Have you ever imagined your cat having the majestic looks of a tiger? Or have you ever compared your pet dog to the other breeds? Well, it is now possible with the new AI venture that will help you in turning your pets into GANimals. NVIDIA researchers, in collaboration with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), have come up with “an emerging AI technique that pits one neural network against another”.

NVIDIA is a computer gaming company that provides awesome graphics cards for our computers. With the help of Generative Adversarial Networks, NVIDIA is coming up with GANimal app. This app will let you input an image of your pet with certain expression and it will find dozens of pets from other breeds having the same expression as of your pet. For example, if you upload a picture of your Spitz dog laughing, the app will find you more pictures of pets having similar facial expressions. Isn’t it amazing news for the animal lovers?

The app may seem to be having a simple application but it has other potential uses in the future. An NVIDIA report claims that it may have some serious applications and in the future, it can be used by filmmakers for some advanced AI usage.

At the International Conference on Computer Vision, the research team will be presenting its report this week in Seoul. The report is based on the FUNIT which refers to “a Few-shot, Unsupervised image-to-image Translation algorithm that works on previously unseen target classes that are specified, at test time, only by a few example images.”

Ming-Yu Liu, a lead computer-vision researcher on the NVIDIA team behind FUNIT described:

Most GAN-based image translation networks are trained to solve a single task. For example, translate horses to zebras. In this case, we train a network to jointly solve many translation tasks where each task is about translating a random source animal to a random target animal by leveraging a few example images of the target animal. Through practicing solving different translation tasks, eventually the network learns to generalize to translate known animals to previously unseen animals. – Ming-Yu Liu

This amazing app required a long and time-consuming process including the immense hard work of the researchers. Before any experiment was commenced, network models for image translation were trained using many images of the target animal. Then the process was added with the AI to develop the app further.

The next step included finding ways to code human-like imagination into neural networks. Liu explains it as his primary goal and saying:

“This is how we make progress in technology and society by solving new kinds of problems.- Ming-Yu Liu

The research team includes seven researchers from the NVIDIA company. The company eventually wants to expand the new FUNIT tool to include more kinds of images at higher resolutions. According to the reports, it is already testing it with images of flowers and food.

The app will surely be popular among animal lovers and people who have pets. You can go to the official NVIDIA page and try out the live interactive demos for the app yourself. To run the demo, you only have to follow some easy steps:

  1. Choose a photo of your pet.
  2. Draw a tight rectangle with the mouse to cover the head of your pet.
  3. Click on Translate.
  4. Viola!!! Now you can browse and see the results of your search.

Have fun with your GANimals. Go yourself now!!!

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