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    Death: 32,014
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    Recovered: 78,548
    Death: 4,634
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    Active: 44,562
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,132
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    S. Korea
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    Active: 989
    Recovered: 11,970
    Death: 285
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    Confirmed: 8,886
    Active: 1,293
    Recovered: 7,487
    Death: 106
  • New Zealand 1,537
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,537
    Active: 23
    Recovered: 1,492
    Death: 22

Spotify Kids app introduced with playlists and other activities

Author at TechGenyz Apps
Spotify Kids App

The popular music app Spotify is here with a new and exciting app for kids- Spotify Kids app. The new app is going to provide a safe zone for kids to listen to their favorite music without any parental interference.

Have you been ever annoyed because your suggested playlist is full of kids' songs and have no room for your own? Then you should try out the Spotify Kids app. The app is already launched on October 30, 2019, in Ireland and includes around 6,000 tracks that are already safe for kids.

The app also comes with two settings. The 'younger kids' setup lets the kids with a certain age limit to browsing through Disney soundtracks, songs about dinosaurs, and other children’s stories. On the contrary, the "older kids" setup will add up popular pop songs from artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars.

The Spotify editorial team also took care to see that if the songs included any kind of foul language or if they might have any bad influence on the kids. The parents could also change the settings as they want and choose what is right for their kids. Another amazing feature of the app is that the song selections also change by region and a new playlist is added according to the zonal popularity.

After two years of hard work and research, the app is available on both Android and iOS. It has a very attractive look that could get any kid's attention very quickly. Spotify also has introduced colorful playlists, recognizable movie characters and different illustrations into the app.

The app also includes 12 different types of monster avatars, by choosing them kids can also change the color themes if they want. If kids are old enough, they can easily spot their favorite artists and albums; or, they can even custom search their favorite songs. The app is meant for the kids of three to ten years of age.

However, the Spotify Kids app requires a Spotify Premium Family subscription, costing $14.99 per month in the US and €14.99 per month in Ireland. This kind of subscription is made mandatory may be because the app doesn't include any advertisement. As per the rules, each kid's account will be included as one of the six total accounts allowed under the family plan.

Spotify also claims that the new Kids app is compliant with both GDPR and COPPA that come under American online privacy law for kids. The app would also not collect any location data and like any other browsers, the data associated with the account can be deleted at any time. The data are also protected and will never be sold to third parties.

Though the app is launched in Ireland, it's still in beta version and the company claims that the app will be eventually made available in the other regions over time. The app will come handy for people who are considering having a family subscription for themselves or already have a family subscription.

However, there is no way of switching the kid's accounts from Spotify kids and Spotify proper right now. We hope that the app will also update itself to avail of the feature for its subscribed users in the future.

Once the app is released worldwide, we hope it will also become popular like other kids entertainment apps, e. g. Youtube Kids. Children tend to become bore more quickly than adults and in order to engage themselves with something entertaining yet informative at the same time, Spotify Kids will sure be a great help to the parents who want something similar for their kids.

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