Motorola’s upcoming Razr foldable smartphone has been rumored for quite some time. Tipster Evan Blass confirmed by uploading images of the Motorola Razr foldable from every possible angle.

A top-notch of Motorola Razr foldable smartphone houses an earpiece and front-facing camera, and there’s a complicated-looking hinge mechanism in the middle. The display looks unlike anything else with an absolutely wild curve happening on the top and bottom edges of the display. The aspect ratio is tall and skinny – it seems like it’s way taller than 21:9, but the angled images make it hard to tell exactly. If we take a rough measurement of Motorola’s patent drawings, which provide a front view, we get 23:9.

The Motorola Razr will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 mobile platform built on Qualcomm’s customized Kryo 360 architecture (2x ARM Cortex-A75-derived at 2.2GHz and 6x ARM Cortex-A55-derived at 1.7GHz).

The images render the phone has a vertically folding display accompanied by a secondary display on the exterior. Motorola will use the external display for certain camera controls, as a trackpad for Google Chrome, and to provide limited access to Quick Settings tiles, Google Assistant, the clock app, notifications, and media controls.

Motorola Razr foldable smartphone will launch on November 13 in Los Angeles.