If you’re new to the art of drumming, you’re probably willing to consider anything that could help to disguise the fact that you are indeed beginner. 

Drumming is a difficult skill that takes lots of time and practice to hone and master. While the best drummers from as a result of hard work and dedication, there are still ways even the most novice drummer can sound better thanks to the power of technology and innovation. 

With accessible gadgets that anyone can find in stores or online, now anyone learning drums in their basement can get an edge. 

Looking to find the perfect gift for the drummer in your life? There are even a few gadgets on this list that can help to keep things quiet when it’s time for them to practice!

These are the top ways gadgets can make your drumming sound even better:

1- Software

There’s only so much you can do to improve the quality of your drumming while you’re still learning. However, there’s a lot more you can do once your drum solo is recorded. The power of software has transformed the Internet, our system of commerce, and music. By investing in some professional-level computer software, you’ll be able to hear and see the music you make. You’ll be able to blend your drums with additional sounds and even create songs.

2- Headphones

Nothing has the power to ruin the way music sounds like a bad speaker. Unless you’re practicing in a sound-proof studio, there’s also likely extra ambient noise floating around the space. If you’re trying to listen to yourself as your practice, a pair of headphones can help you find your flaws. You’ll no longer be distracted by your family talking or TV playing in the background so you can focus on the sounds.

3- Tuning Devices

There are so many benefits to researching the best tuning device for your drum set and investing in it. These kinds of devices can help you tune it to perfection and speed up the process. You can even save your favorite tuning settings for easy access.

These aren’t just for beginners – even some of the top professional drummers outsource to these devices for the perfect tune every time.

4- Air drumming

Air drumming is a thing now thanks to modern technology. Brands like Aeodrums came on the scene a few years ago and now you can practice just about anywhere, drum-free. These special sets feature a camera, shoe reflectors, and drum stick reflectors to create a realistic sound. If you have neighbors that aren’t so fond of late-night drum practice, this kind of gadget makes it easy to still get the hours in.

5- Cymbal accessories

Cymbals are available in a number of different sound classifications. For example, a thick but small cymbal has bright color, clean mix, narrow range, dry response, and long sustain. If you’re looking to adjust the sound of the cymbals you’ve got, tiny magnets called cymbal tuners will be your go-to. These can be placed and adjusted around the cymbal in order to create different levels of dampening and soften their sound.

Go for it

Drumming can be so much more than just a hobby; creating music is a great outlet for energy and an exercise for the mind. If you’re new to the drumming game (or playing music in general!) it can be a therapeutic release even if it doesn’t sound quite like the pros yet.

Thanks to a few hacks from some innovation and our good friend technology, you don’t have to put in thousands of hours to improve your sound. With tools like air-drumming sets, software and tuning accessories, you can sound better in no time.

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