OnePlus has become one of the best mobile phone vendors but its commercial development has resulted in the commercialization of other products besides smartphones. Now the company is ready to launch its OnePlus watch or a smartwatch it’s almost ready for primetime in addition to the OnePlus 8 in India.

As per the reports, OnePlus is working on its first watch to be launched. We do not have much data about it but unlike the Xiaomi smartwatch, it would have a higher price. Given the relationship between OnePlus and Qualcomm.

The smartwatch will probably run on Google’s WearOS and that’s all we can speculate, but there’s no confirmation from the company about the OS.

The rumors of a OnePlus smartwatch first dropped in 2016, but we haven’t heard anything from OnePlus thereafter. It seems that OnePlus is more ready than ever before to launch a smartwatch this time.

India will definitely be one of the first markets to receive the OnePlus smartwatch which will neither be affordable nor expensive, it will be slightly less than the offerings from Samsung and Apple watches.

The smartwatch is expected to launch along with its next flagship phone OnePlus 8 in 2020.