Amidst the TVs and smartphone launches by Xiaomi, the company has also unveiled the Internet Air Conditioner and Internet Vertical Air Conditioner. This launch will make Xiaomi’s official entrance into the field of large household appliances.

The company has launched an Internet Air Conditioner and a floor-mounted Internet Vertical Air Conditioner. Both models correspond to the minimalist design language of the company and are presented only in a white color version. Air conditioners are equipped with mini displays to display important information.

The air conditioners put a heavy emphasis on saving power while still cooling very well and also feature mini displays for info. New energy conversion technology is used in air conditioners to achieve the highest efficiency.

The air conditioners also have a quiet design, generating no more than 23 dB of noise at maximum load. They support automatic cleanup and are, as expected, devices of the Internet of Things.

The super-level energy efficiency air-conditioner is priced at 2299 yuan From November 5th. Xiaomi Internet air conditioner costs 2299 yuan, 2499 yuan respectively while Xiaomi Internet vertical air conditioner prices at  4499 yuan, 5499 yuan.