Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 12,933,597
    Confirmed: 12,933,597
    Active: 4,829,685
    Recovered: 7,534,724
    Death: 569,188
  • USA 3,382,508
    Confirmed: 3,382,508
    Active: 1,742,142
    Recovered: 1,502,785
    Death: 137,581
  • Brazil 1,846,249
    Confirmed: 1,846,249
    Active: 561,153
    Recovered: 1,213,512
    Death: 71,584
  • India 873,816
    Confirmed: 873,816
    Active: 300,690
    Recovered: 550,024
    Death: 23,102
  • Russia 727,162
    Confirmed: 727,162
    Active: 214,766
    Recovered: 501,061
    Death: 11,335
  • Peru 322,710
    Confirmed: 322,710
    Active: 96,876
    Recovered: 214,152
    Death: 11,682
  • Chile 312,029
    Confirmed: 312,029
    Active: 24,034
    Recovered: 281,114
    Death: 6,881
  • Spain 300,988
    Confirmed: 300,988
    Active: 272,585
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,403
  • Mexico 295,268
    Confirmed: 295,268
    Active: 79,686
    Recovered: 180,852
    Death: 34,730
  • UK 289,603
    Confirmed: 289,603
    Active: 244,784
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,819
  • South Africa 264,184
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 264,184
    Active: 132,498
    Recovered: 127,715
    Death: 3,971
  • Iran 257,303
    Confirmed: 257,303
    Active: 24,481
    Recovered: 219,993
    Death: 12,829
  • Pakistan 248,872
    Confirmed: 248,872
    Active: 86,975
    Recovered: 156,700
    Death: 5,197
  • Italy 243,061
    Confirmed: 243,061
    Active: 13,179
    Recovered: 194,928
    Death: 34,954
  • Saudi Arabia 232,259
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 232,259
    Active: 62,898
    Recovered: 167,138
    Death: 2,223
  • Turkey 211,981
    Confirmed: 211,981
    Active: 13,420
    Recovered: 193,217
    Death: 5,344
  • Germany 199,914
    Confirmed: 199,914
    Active: 6,280
    Recovered: 184,500
    Death: 9,134
  • Bangladesh 183,795
    Confirmed: 183,795
    Active: 87,829
    Recovered: 93,614
    Death: 2,352
  • France 170,752
    Confirmed: 170,752
    Active: 62,360
    Recovered: 78,388
    Death: 30,004
  • Canada 107,589
    Confirmed: 107,589
    Active: 27,339
    Recovered: 71,467
    Death: 8,783
  • China 83,594
    Confirmed: 83,594
    Active: 326
    Recovered: 78,634
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 51,022
    Confirmed: 51,022
    Active: 44,885
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,137
  • S. Korea 13,417
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,417
    Active: 950
    Recovered: 12,178
    Death: 289
  • Australia 9,796
    Confirmed: 9,796
    Active: 1,961
    Recovered: 7,727
    Death: 108
  • New Zealand 1,544
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,544
    Active: 25
    Recovered: 1,497
    Death: 22

Facebook’s ‘catalogs’ on WhatsApp Business is best for small businesses

Author at TechGenyz Facebook
Facebook Introduces Catalog On WhatsApp Business

Product catalogs in WhatsApp Business app help people with small businesses to have a proper platform to showcase and share the information of their product with the customers; while customers can browse through the catalog items and also chat with authority as well without a need to visit a website.

Do you want to start a business from home or already have one that you want to expand but don't know where to start? Well, Facebook is giving small business owners an opportunity to grow their business with a secure platform. Launched on November 7, the 'product catalog' feature on the WhatsApp Business app will help you to advertise your products without any worry.

Without a doubt, "catalogs are a mobile storefront for businesses to showcase and share their goods so people can easily browse and discover something they would like to buy". People have to send product photos one at a time in a group or individual number and also provide the product information separately. Sometimes you even have to give the product details repeatedly that it becomes irritating sometimes. If you are involved with any kind of business we think you can relate to this.

But with this newly introduced category, you no longer have to go through the pain of giving out the product details continuously. You can simply add all the product images and details in the catalog on WhatsApp Business App and the customers can see the catalog within WhatsApp. This way the customers also get the freedom to browse on their own while chatting with the direct authority without visiting a website.

The upgradation also gives your business a more professional look where your customers have better satisfaction because it is now easier for them to learn about the products, know the prices and view the images of what you offer.

For each item in the catalog, you can add information including price, description and product code. The catalogs will be saved on WhatsApp so you don't have to worry about the storage space on your device.

To create a WhatsApp Business catalog, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Whatsapp Business App (If you don't have an account, create one).
  • Go to Settings and select Business Settings.
  • Then select Catalogs (If you don't see the Catalogs option then please update your app).
  • Click on Add Product or Service after choosing the Create Catalog option.
  • Then Add Images of the products. You can also provide a brief description, links and SKU codes of the products to keep track of them.
  • Then tap on the Save button and you are good to go.

This feature is made available today to the people using the WhatsApp Business app on both Android and iPhone in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US. It will soon be rolling out all around the world. Go and check it out now.

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