The Internet of Things (IoT) based vehicle tracking startup, Letstrack based in Gurgaon, India has expanded to the US market after entering Sri Lanka earlier.

The company is launching in the US with all its products – Letstrack Personal series, Letstrack Bike series, Letstrack Premium, Letstrack Plug, and Play, Letstrack Special and few new products. With its expansion to other countries, Letstrack aims to become a global tech company.

Further, Letstrack is working with some OEMs from the US market to expand its reach in the world’s largest economy.

“All American companies want to enter China and India, but Chinese has restrictions and India is too difficult to understand and operate. Our main strategy was to place distribution in place and conquer the Asian market, then launch in the US.” – Vikram Kumar, Founder & CEO, Letstrack.

So far, Letstrack has raised $1.7 million in seed funding, and is looking to secure Series C round of funding by 2020 and counts Uber, Ola, GE as some of its customers.