Mastercard and Hong Kong’s Tappy Technologies held a press briefing on November 11, 2019, the first day of the world’s largest FinTech event in Singapore, “Singapore Fintech Festival”. The company announced that it will provide technology that can integrate contactless payment functions (TypeA/B) into most wearable devices in the market such as watches, jewelry, and glasses by integrating the technologies of both companies.

Tappy is a wearable payment token service provider with operations in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The company announced the deployment of a token service platform at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February 2019 and announced its partnership with Timex Group.

Tappy’s patented contactless payment chip can be embedded in almost any fashion accessory in the market, regardless of shape, old or new. The company’s token service platform enables personalization by linking the “Universal Passive Provisioning Unit (UPPU)” used for data provisioning, IC chips (battery-less) embedded in accessories, and mobile applications.

Fashion accessories can be tokenized using UPPU technology. For IC chips, they have a partnership with digital security giants Thales / Gemalto.

Tappy has partnered with Mastercard to integrate its technology with Mastercard’s payment token service, MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES). Also, if a consumer loses a fashion accessory, the token can be made valueless by calling the support center.

First, in collaboration with Timex, the company plans to launch a service that allows contactless payments with a watch in the first half of 2020. The product will be available for purchase on the Timex website.

By adding a dongle to the fashion accessory, the cost is expected to increase by 10-20 dollars. Also, since the actual sales method is left to the fashion accessory sales company, in some cases it is possible to personalize multiple devices with one dongle.

In the case of a watch, an IC chip can be embedded. For example, it can withstand long-term use for 2 years for leather and even longer for silicon.

Also, although it is already possible to make contactless payments with Apple Watch, it is a device that can use various functions in combination. On that point, the wearable device provided by Tappy will provide payment-specific functions for the time being.