Zomato CEO and Founder Deepinder Goyal have introduced new features for its valued Gold members to offer free valet parking to selected users. This is a new strategy by the company to offer overall better deals than its competitors like Uber Eats and Swiggy.

Zomato operates in 23 countries including the US, Australia. Deepinder Goyal’s company, which started with one room, is worth more than 1000 crores today. The company launched Zomato Gold in the year 2017 and increased its revenue by increasing the number of members of this gold club.

Earlier, there was a plan to limit the number of members of the Gold Club from 5000 to 10,000. The aim was to attract customers and increase sales. However, the number of users of Zomato Gold has increased to 1.3 million. Under the Gold Program, Zomato charges subscription fees from users on the one hand, while restaurant owners also charge joining fees to join it.

“For our Gold customers, to extend their Gold privileges, we will soon add some special deals and offers from some of the biggest and busiest restaurant names in the industry (all on top of what we already have on Gold),” Goyal said in a statement.

“This shows that in spite of all the hiccups in the journey of Gold in the recent months, including the pricing changes, it still remains a much wanted and much-loved product by our users,” said the CEO.

Deepender Goyal said that he will improve Zomato Gold so that it will be beneficial for both the restaurant and the customers. Goyal has requested the restaurant owners to close the logout campaign. He also urged the restaurant industry to find ways to reduce operating costs.