Google is all set to become a game company, one with its very own console, controller, and distribution platform for the latest triple-A games. But as that AMA reveals, Google Stadia will be missing some key features on launch day; those will start rolling out as soon as one week after launch.

As revealed by Stadia Director of Product Andrey Doronichev and publisher lead Beri Lee there will be features that will be missing at launch. Those include support for existing Chromecast Ultra devices, family sharing, game-sharing features like Crowd Play and more.

Besides, while the achievements will be saved and recognized when the system launches, players will not have access to achievements system at launch “shortly” after Stadia’s release date nor will Stadia support family sharing.

As per reports, Google Stadia will also not support Chromecast Ultra devices. As the critics speculate that cloud gaming might eradicate the used game market and modding scene, and also impact the ability to preserve games for future generations. Perhaps it is anticipated that Google will simply reset expectations by calling that the true “launch,” and that by then everything else will be ironed out.

For now, we’ll wait to see the launch of Google Stadia with the missing new features and whether it will be a hit or not.