WhatsApp has rolled out some very important updates for its iOS users. The chat company has submitted a new update through the TestFlight Beta Program that gives a bump to the existing app version up to

With the present update, the chat company has redesigned the splash screen with references to its parent company Facebook. The update also brings a redesigned icon for reading Receipt. The new Read Receipt tick is now much brighter and bolder.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has now been updated with multi-device support. WhatsApp multi-device support feature could be on the lines of Telegram – you can log in from a new device and WhatsApp will send a unique code on your primary device. You will then have to enter this unique code on the new device. It is not clear if the new WhatsApp login sessions will be permanent like it is on Telegram, but we should know more details once WhatsApp rolls it out.

A few weeks have passed since the first rumors about the use of WhatsApp on more devices, which should arrive in the next few months but is already being tested with members of the beta program. In the beta update, WhatsApp has implemented new graphics to make the GUI even more appealing when it turns dark. In particular, the chat list screen has been optimized.