ByteDance Technology Co. Ltd., who is also the owner of the hugely popular social media video app, TikTok that was launched in 2017, reportedly has plans to obtain global licensing deals to include their songs on its new music subscription service, and to that end, the Beijing-based company is said to be in talks with big music labels the likes of Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music.

As per the report, the upcoming music streaming service will contain in-demand music that will be complemented by a library of short video clips that users can sync with while listening to music.

Though an official name has not been assigned to the soon-to-arrive music streaming service, it is expected to cost less than what Spotify, Apple and the like charge their subscribers in the United States.

Additionally, the date of launch of ByteDance’s new music streaming service is December 2019 itself, with the primary focus being emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil, after which it will gradually become available in the United States.