The new module of the OnePlus Launcher, the OnePlus Launcher Magisk, now enables users to sync their OnePlus smartphones with Google Feed.

OnePlus’s Oxygen OS offers Android user’s a plethora of apps that can be customized with an innovative feature called the Shelf that helps the user to organize their apps and widgets.

The OnePlus forum has described the Shelf in the following terms: “In OxygenOS, Shelf is a personal space for organizing a day’s life easily. Memos, calendar, weather, and the music player can all be put in Shelf freely. It can be accessed with a single swipe from the Home screen.”

However, OxygenOS’ Shelf feature had proven to be rather unpopular, with users preferring Google Feed over Shelf and to that end having to depend on third-party launchers to access Google Feed.

Now, with the release of the Magisk Module, any OnePlus device can easily access Google Feed.

All one has to do is download the Magisk Module and install it in the device the reason being that a modified APK cannot be installed over the original APK, and thus the OnePlus Launcher underwent modifications to enable this new feature. This indicates that it is no longer necessary for OnePlus customers wishing to have access to Google Feed, to download any third-party app to that end.

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