Today, Google is improvising its app to purchase movie tickets using your voice with Google Assistant and Fandango.

In your phone simply tell the digital helper that you want seats to a specific movie or search for showtimes using the Google app. The assistant will then take care of working through any website which makes it handy for ones that aren’t optimized for mobile. It’s also enabled to input any information automatically to complete the purchase including any payment details, as long as they’re saved to Chrome.

To use the feature simply ask Assistant something like, Hey Google, showtimes for Ford vs Ferrari in New Haven this weekend, and it will get to work. Through voice commands and touch input in the Chrome browser, you can easily find a theater, choose your seats, and completing the purchase letting Assistant doing most of the work.

With Google Duplex on Web technology, the Assistant can not only navigate the site but also fill out all your information that is saved in Chrome. Google plans to make it even easier for users to get things done with the Assistant on the Web from your phone in the future. Currently, the Google Duplex feature can be used only from Android phones.