This is not the first time we see a patent from Xiaomi. But the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is a unique device that patents for a notch-free screen and dual display that is not as holey as the Redmi K30.

The surface of its screen is much larger than the front panel. This is possible because it has been curved, occupying the entire side edges and a significant part of the back. It not only looks phenomenal but also gives you a number of possibilities.

A sketch of the Xiaomi patent appeared online and presents a device with two displays. At the front, the device has a practically frameless design. The main screen has no indentation or hole for a selfie camera. The top frame allows you to press the speaker, proximity sensor and notification LED. There is no place for a selfie camera. A retractable structure may be used here.

Using an additional display as the viewfinder of a selfie camera would be a strange move, given its small dimensions. Although I admit that it wouldn’t bother me. There are no details about the patent just as this sketch. So we don’t know when it was made. Nevertheless, like many other designs that we have seen in the past, Xiaomi Mi Mix Dual Display may never hit the market.

Unfortunately, this patent doesn’t reveal more than a basic layout of the smartphone, so we can’t see the ports, buttons, or slots that will come with this device. Well, if it ever gets to be launched. Let’s just remember that patents don’t always become real working phones.