5G connectivity is the next big thing in the commercial technology field which is evident in the rush for producing smartphones and other products containing 5G connectivity features.

Lenovo has recently shared a teaser that smacks of possibilities of the Hong Kong-based company launching a new Lenovo 5G chipset.

Having posted the teaser image on Weibo, Lenovo published a catalog of existing 5G enabled processor chipsets, adding that something huge will be on its way the next week.

“5G SoC released next week is full of flowers, but the real trump card is still on the way.”

Because the teaser did not reveal what product Lenovo would be releasing so soon, there are speculations that suggest either a smartphone or a processor. Popular tech blog GizmoChina has suggested the latter.

Interestingly, Lenovo’s teaser comes at a time when Oppo is not very far from launching its own 5G-enabled processor. Other than that, both Qualcomm and MediaTek have plans of launching their own 5G SoC in the near future.

Official confirmation by Lenovo will put all conjecture to rest. Additionally, if Lenovo does indeed launch a 5G SoC then it will be stepping into an area that has the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei as major participants.