Chuangmi Technology-developed Xiaobai Smart Cat’s Eye M1 which was crowdfunded by Xiaomi Youpin this Sunday at a price of 369 yuan.

Described as “a little white Smart Cat’s Eye,” the Xiaobai Smart Cat’s Eye M1 makes use of a 1080p 2MP high-definition camera with a 150° wide-angle Enhanced night vision and distortion correction technology to execute effective face recognition even in low light conditions.

Alongside the camera comes in a 5-inch display screen, built-in electronic bell.

The device which can perform tasks like face recognition, human shape detection, alarm, remote viewing, two-way voice communication, can be installed at the door to provide better security to the home.

When a visitor has rung the doorbell, the display screen automatically lights up which helps the user recognize the visitor before allowing them inside.

In case the user is not at home and a visitor rings the bell, the user is notified via the Mijia app through which they can remotely view the visitor and connect to the cat-eye device and conduct two-way voice communication in real-time.

The device triggers the PIR human infrared sensor and records a short video and sends an alarm message to the user’s phone if a suspicious person lingers by the door.

This device comes with two video storage methods: MicroSD card local storage and cloud storage.

Making use of Xiaomi’s face recognition algorithm, the Xiaobai Smart Cat’s Eye M1 can identify the gender and age of visitors and even remember the faces of frequent visitors.

During the crowdfunding period, the Xiaobai Smart Cat’s Eye M1 will be available at 129 yuan on the Mijia app, will receive a free 7-day rolling cloud storage service for a year.