The “Duchifat-3” satellite developed by the Israeli students will be launched from ISRO’s Sriharikota launch site. The “Duchifat-3” satellite has been jointly developed by students at the Herzliya Science Center in Israel and Sha’ar HaNegev High school. It is a remote sensing satellite through which all school students in the country will be able to experiment through earth observation. “Duchifat-3” is the third satellite of the series produced by Israeli students.

The students’ work included satellite planning, writing the airborne and ground software and testing it up to launching the satellite for launch. Explains a poll, adding that during their work, students face various scientific and technological challenges, such as designing and writing airborne software for managing satellite systems and operating their scientific mission, managing satellite energy resources, the communications system, and more.

For Earth photography, the satellite has to be stabilized in space, a simple task that requires satellite directional control. The students thought of creative ways and innovative mitigation forming apparatus for image processing on the satellite, which includes selecting the relevant images, compressing them and sending them to Earth.

In addition, students were assisted by experts in Israel and around the world to build appropriate communication systems and built information management software on the satellite and at the ground station.

Duchifat-3 will be a remote sensing satellite through which students from all schools in the country will be able to experiment and require Earth observation. The satellite is a platform for ecological studies such as water source pollution, forest monitoring, and more.