The carrom board game originated in the 18th century in India. To play this game, players need to concentrate a lot and they should have a great sense of angles. The carrom board game is played on a square board using 18 black and white pucks also known as carrom men, a pink Queen and a hard plastic striker relatively bigger in size.

The carrom board game can be played by individuals or in pairs. Minimum 2 and maximum of 4 players are required to play the game. Due to the popularity of the game, there are many carrom apps that make it convenient for carrom game lovers to play the fun game online. There are a few strategic shots in carrom that everyone tries to play to win a game. Let’s take a look at them:

Side shot

A side shot aims at either pocketing a carrom man or making it difficult for the opponent to pocket that carrom man. This shot is played in such a way that it strikes the carrom man from a side and sends it in the opposite direction. For example, if the striker hits a carrom man from the left, the carrom man will go in the opposite direction, i.e. to the right.

Middle shot

This shot is typically played in the beginning. When all the carrom men are at the center of the board, you have to focus on two carrom men place adjacent to each other. Flick the striker between the spaces of two carrom men. This way, the two carrom men will go in two different directions and these are likely to be pocketed in two different pockets in the opposite direction. Thus, you will be able to score two carrom men at once at the start of the game.

Cut-and-take shot

A cut-and-take shot is played when two carrom men are placed close to each other. The shot is played in such a way that one carrom man is hit into a pocket and the other carrom man gets placed at a point that it can be pocketed in the next shot. So, the purpose of this shot is to hit one carrom man into the pocket and make an easy shot for the next move. 

Thumb-hot shot

A thumb-hot shot is played when you have been playing carrom for quite a long time. When your finger starts hurting, create a circle using your thumb and index finger and then flick the striker using your thumb. Since there is no rule that says carrom can be played using only one finger, this shot comes handy when your finger is tired of doing the job. This shot cannot be played with carrom apps as you are not playing the game physically on an app. 


An alley-oop is played when you are playing the game in pairs. Playing carrom in pairs or doubles is a bit difficult as you have to make a more elaborate strategy. Hence, the trick here is to play a shot that places a carrom man close to a pocket so that whenever your teammate plays the next shot, it becomes easy for them to pocket that carrom man. It is pure teamwork.

To know about more strategic shots, stay tuned!

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