One of the genres that became popular during the golden era of the Arcade was that of the brawlers. A few moments ago, Oculus and Twisted Pixel presented Path of the Warrior, an eighties-themed brawler game that is now available on Oculus Rift.

This title takes up the essence of the brawlers who became a legend in the eighties and nineties arcade, such as TMNT: The Arcade Game, Final Fight Streets of Rage, with that 2D action in which we took control of one or more characters to face to a series of enemies as we advanced on stage. Well, the Path of the Warrior does exactly the same thing, but now let you be the protagonist and beat up the enemies.

As in the classic role models, the environment is interactive and you can use nearby objects as assistive adversary knockout instruments. So if you happen to encounter a frying pan or a billiard stick, you can use it to fight against enemies.

The game can be played alone or cooperatively with a friend. The multiplayer mode works across platforms. Cross-Play is also supported: If you buy the game, you can play it both with Oculus Quest VR or with Oculus Link on the PC or directly with Rift (S) on the PC. The path of the Warrior game is now available in the Oculus Store for $20.