Everyday home automation or the IoT world can be more found in today’s homes. Whether through a simple smart bulb or the famous virtual assistants, this technology has come to stay facilitating our day to day use.

That is why Xiaomi has a wide catalog of products for this field. An example of this is its new smart plug under the Mijia sub-brand that allows us to turn on or off remotely or even on a scheduled basis, practically any appliance, fan, speaker, etc. from our home.

The new plug also has a design very similar to the network PLCs, with compatible dimensions and lightweight body. Its design maintains the minimalist lines and the white color that characterizes both Xiaomi and Mijia products.

Its operation is very basic, just connect it to the electrical network of our home, plug the device we want to control and pair it via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It should be noted that it is compatible with Android and iOS and also integrates seamlessly with Google and Alexa’s assistant.

In this way, users can simply say Alexa, turn on the lamp or Okay Google, turn on the fan. It will be automatically activated to allow the flow of current to pass through the lamp or fan. Likewise, from its application we can program the hours of use, making it ideal for any type of time control.

As usual in this type of device, the new Mijia smart plug has several safety systems for any electrical problem arising from short circuits or overcurrent.

The other feature also includes the use of two USB ports with a maximum output of 10A and 250V and its 2.4GHz WiFi connection with Bluetooth 4.2 low consumption. The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Socket Bluetooth is now available for sale in China for 79 Chinese Yuan (Rs. 800 approximately).