Google started rolling out the latest version of its popular web browser on desktop and mobile platforms just last week. It has already been installed on nearly 50 percent of Android devices worldwide.

Soon after the update released, Google has resumed Chrome 79’s rollout for the platform after a bug forced the team to put it on the grip. Unfortunately, a large number of users happened to experience the loss of their important data in third-party apps after the Chrome 79 update installation on their Android devices.

The bug impacted only Android apps built to run on top of WebView, a slimmed-down version of the Chrome browser. On Android, this component is embedded in other apps to play web content without showing the entire Chrome browser UI and is often used as a container to install web apps as standalone mobile apps on Android devices.

“it was able to pause the update’s deployment before it reached 15 percent of the users it was supposed to.” – Google

As it is confirmed the fixed update is making its way to people’s devices within this week and will make affected users’ data visible to WebView-based apps again.  However, the tech giant claimed that it didn’t actually erase anything rather it just made their information invisible.