Huawei P Smart Pro was unveiled only for the European market. This middle-class smartphone has a narrow pop-up selfie camera. However, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer is also developing a smartphone with a folding selfie camera.

This time the Chinese manufacturer goes one step further. A report suggests that Huawei is working on not one, not two, but three camera smartphone and notable thing of that is they are all hidden in the rotating camera system. The camera is also equipped with a flash.

Huawei smartphone with 180-degree rotating camera

Huawei Technologies filed a design patent in China on January 9, 2019. The patent was approved on December 17, 2019, and published in the WIPO Global Design Database. There are 12 patent images included, showing a full-screen phone with a triple camera.

With the Galaxy A80, Samsung was the first smartphone manufacturer to integrate a triple rotating camera. However, the Samsung system is a bit more ingenious, because, with the A80, the camera turns around its axis – inside the housing.

If we compare this Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the design that Huawei has captured, the Chinese manufacturer seems to opt for a cheaper solution. The system does not rotate on its axis but folds from the rear to the front. So it’s a 180-degree rotating camera.

Rotating Triple Camera

The result is the same, the device is equipped with three cameras that can be used as a selfie camera and as the main camera. In addition to the triple camera, Huawei has also installed a flash. From the patent images, it can be concluded that it is a fairly thick camera system that protrudes in relation to the housing.

If implemented correctly, such a system has a number of advantages over the pop-up camera that can be found in devices such as the P Smart Pro. This Huawei smartphone also has three cameras at the rear, but there is only one selfie camera available. By working with a 180-degree rotating camera, the total number of cameras can be reduced – from 4 to 3 while the user can still make better quality selfies.

Huawei and Honor smartphones with rotating camera

It is quite possible that this design will first be applied by the subsidiary, Honor. The design of the Honor 9X can be compared to the recently introduced P Smart Pro – both phones have a single pop-up camera and a triple camera on the back.

In 2015, an Honor smartphone with a rotating camera was introduced named as the Honor 7i. However, this concerned a single camera. The Huawei ShotX was presented half a year later, with a camera system similar to the Honor 7i.

Now, four years later Huawei / Honor has the necessary technology to use a triple rotating camera in a smartphone. If we can expect this device soon, it remains unknown.