If your business is struggling to keep different departments connected, then a SharePoint intranet is a great way to fix this.

A SharePoint intranet is a portal that keeps all information about your business in one centralized location. This makes it easy for your employees to communicate and collaborate.

You need an intranet that stays up to date, remains useful, and is always relevant for your company, which is possible using SharePoint. Employees won’t need to navigate through multiple channels and systems, only needing to understand how to use SharePoint instead.

Let’s take a look at what a SharePoint intranet is and how using one can directly benefit your business.

What is a SharePoint intranet?

First, it’s important to understand what a SharePoint intranet is.

An intranet is a site designed to organize the processes and communications of a business. On the other hand, SharePoint is a platform that is used to create websites.

Putting this together means that a SharePoint intranet is a website created through SharePoint.

SharePoint intranets are different than regular websites because it is a private network that is only accessible by users within a business. This means that you won’t find intranet sites on the web and they can’t be used by regular internet browsers.

If you have important information that is pertinent only to employees and not clients then an intranet will serve this need without making it publicly accessible.

How does it help your business?

A SharePoint intranet is a great addition to any business, especially ones that are fairly large or have plans for growth.

Information is power and having access to information is critical in today’s realm of business. The quicker someone can find the information they’re looking for, the better off your company will be.

Without an intranet, your employees would need to consult their notes or ask other workers when they have questions. This can eat up precious time that would be better spent on working and being productive.

There’s no reason to waste the time of multiple employees when there’s a simple solution to the need for knowledge. A SharePoint intranet makes it simple and fast to communicate, gather information, and understand what needs to be done.

Everything is in one place

One of the most important benefits of having a SharePoint intranet is that everything is kept in one place.

Rather than needing to access multiple websites, use dedicated software for communication, and separate applications for document processing, you can do everything within SharePoint.

This cuts down on time spent navigating between applications, which makes it easier for your average user. Rather than needing to understand how to use several different types of software, they’ll only need to know how to use SharePoint.

While there is a learning curve with SharePoint, it quickly becomes natural to use and will save time in the long run.

All of your important business documents and information will be kept in one centralized location. This makes it extremely easy for any employee to access it for what they need without expending unnecessary effort.

Collaboration and teamwork is simplified

The other main advantage of a SharePoint intranet is smoother collaboration and teamwork on projects.

SharePoint has many features designed to keep tabs on projects, tasks, and what everyone is doing. A user can contribute to a project without needing to wait for input from another employee.

Without an intranet, it’s common for workers to wait several hours on an email response from someone else before starting what they need to do. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s counterintuitive and detrimental to productivity.

SharePoint will allow teams to identify tasks that need completion, edit simultaneously, and create a primary location for everyone to communicate. This makes collaboration and teamwork much more natural and effective for all employees involved.

As a result, there will be less frustration and tension between team members. Synergy will be promoted and everyone can work effectively towards completing a central goal.

Closing thoughts

A SharePoint intranet is a fantastic way of keeping your business connected, particularly if you have a large organization with several departments.

It differs from a traditional website in that it’s a private network only accessible by employees. Using one provides great benefits for your business that translate to less redundancy and greater productivity.

The two primary advantages of having a SharePoint intranet include keeping all information and documents in a centralized location and better teamwork/collaboration.

While it may take some time to install and learn SharePoint, the initial investment will pay dividends in the form of a more efficient workforce.

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