Tesla ‘nap mode’ allowing owners to sleep but to wake up with an alarm clock

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  • The ‘nap mode’ will let the owners nap while being on the autopilot.
  • This will enable an alarm clock to wake owners up to avoid any oversleeping.
  • Elon Musk has confirmed the possibility of the feature being added to the Tesla vehicles via Twitter.

Tesla, the USA based automotive company, has always delivered surprising vehicles and technologies to us. Tesla may soon add up ‘nap mode’ in its vehicles for its owners’ convenience. The Tesla nap mode will allow the owners to sleep in the car while the climate control is on and wake up to an alarm clock.

Since Tesla first introduced ‘autopilot mode’ back in 2014, it has been popular among its owners. Thereafter, Tesla has been upgrading its software over the decades. The most anticipated ‘nap mode’ will definitely be a part of the Tesla ‘autopilot’ mode after its introduction.

Owners and admirers of Tesla vehicles have been suggesting Tesla regarding the upgradation of the software on Twitter. One of the Twitter users, @GutGutM3 asked Elon Mask whether they can add up a nap mode that can shut off “everything but heat with an alarm clock”. Elon Musk replied with an “Ok” confirming that they can certainly add up this feature into their vehicles.

The current Tesla ‘autopilot’ mode makes your car automatic but requires the driver to have hands on the steering wheel. Along with the ‘nap mode’ we may see some changes to the software and the automated driving features.

However, the Tesla nap mode will certainly offer convenience to the owners who want to take a nap or sleep during their long road trips to recharge themselves. The optimal cabin temperature will let them sleep in proper condition. In the meantime, the Tesla alarm clock feature will wake owners up after a limited time of napping.

Other features

A Teslarati report considers the ‘nap mode’ as a cousin feature of the recent ‘camp mode’ which came along with the 2019.40.50 software update. Tesla’s camp mode lets owners sleep in their own vehicle using the space within the car.

In addition to the nap mode, Elon Musk also confirmed Tesla owners having access to the Disney+. Tesla may also end up adding HBOGo, HBO Now, Crunchyroll and other streaming apps in its car entertainment system at this rate.

Musk also hopes to add up a future feature that will adjust the vehicle’s traffic-based navigation system automatically when one switches to another user profile.

Elon Musk has thanked his amazing engineers to make Tesla vehicles the dream car of many. Because of its amazing features and easy to custom capability make Tesla’s vehicles unique among other franchises. It seems like that Musk’s dream of Tesla’s electric cars being ‘the most fun things that people can buy’ will soon come true.

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