LinkedIn is a USA based popular professional networking app used widely across the world. The app allows us to create profiles and make connections with professionals. In addition to these, we can also invite members to make connections through the app.

LinkedIn has recently made some major changes within the app making it more user-friendly and fun. However, these features are only available for iOS users at the moment. We don’t have any leads on when its Android version will be available.

The UI of the app seems to be changed slightly after the update. Additionally, the developers have added a number of actions below every posts. This feature is somewhat similar to the reactions for the posts available on Facebook.

Along with these, LinkedIn has also introduced a bunch of other messaging features that were not available on the app previously. A Twitter user post shows that we can now make our own schedule and send locations via the app now.

To make the app more fun and interesting, the LinkedIn developers have added up GIFs for us to explore. The LinkedIn GIF feature will certainly make conversations more exciting.

As we have mentioned above, LinkedIn is only available for iOS devices. But, we are waiting for it to be made available for Android and other versions of the smartphones and devices.