Dyson introduces new humidifying air purification fan: Pure Humidify+

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Dyson held a new product launch in Beijing and used the platform to launch a brand new humidifying air purification fan. The fan is called Dyson Pure Humidify+ Cool Cryptomic.

The Dyson air purification fan comes with integrated air humidification, air purification, formaldehyde purification, and the most basic air outlet. HEPA filters and Dyson’s self-developed Cryptomic filters are used to remove harmful gases, PM0.1 ultrafine particles, and formaldehyde, respectively.

Moreover, the filter comes equipped with activated carbon filters. Dyson had previously introduced a leafless fan and this new one is shaped somewhat similar to the last one.

dyson new product

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The humidifier follows the procedure of natural evaporation. Inside the fan, there is an evaporator with a 3D air mesh and a water tank with a capacity of 5L. The evaporator with the help of the purified air will make the process evaporating the air quicker and bring it into the air, eventually achieving a humidifying effect.

Short-wave ultraviolet is used inside the water tank to sterilize the water. Dyson is using a new technology called the Jet Axis control technology for the first time in the Pure Humidify+ Cool Cryptomic fan.

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The Het Axis control comes with two rotating jet shafts that guide the airflow through the air intake holes and helps to disperse the air through the output in a uniform way. Furthermore, the air purification fan comes with three modes: breeze mode, diffusion mode, and spray mode.

The intelligent sensor system will automatically monitor the air quality of the room and the humidity so that in the presence of unclean or polluted air, it can disperse clean air to all the corners of the house.

The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic air purification fan is priced at 6,490 yuan in China and is currently available on the official website and JD platform.

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