What can we expect from educational tech in 2020

The beginning of the year makes the world to look ahead in optimism about the inventions and developments to expect. 2019 was a very promising year that delivered a lot of advancements in education technology and the number of writing services where you can buy cheap paper increased too. 2020 is expected to break the records as the adoption of technology in education is accelerated.

Existing technological innovations in education

Several technological innovations and capabilities have already started and will be expected to grow bigger. An example is online and digital learning. The trend has been gaining momentum over the years and is expected to get better. The number of students learning from virtual campuses is growing faster each day. 

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Institutions are also innovating around virtual learning. An example is Querium and its peers that are using AI to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students and make learning easier. Global brands like Google and Facebook are also establishing curriculums and institutions to provide skilled personnel to serve the ecosystem they have created. Practitioners acquiring these skills are learning virtually. It makes a huge difference compared to learning in class.

Provision of learning materials

Technology has made it easier to deliver learning materials to students. Teachers are no longer confined to the walls of a classroom. The materials are also available in diverse formats, making it easier to access and understand. Here are three elements of access to learning materials that technology is transforming in 2020 and beyond. 

1. Dependency on the Teacher

The classroom teacher is no longer the sole source of learning materials. Libraries are taking a new role, that of being a validation point as well as reading space. Students can now get information from the internet, apps, directly from the industry, and from tutors around the world. The teacher has to be more informed and guide the student on how to verify the information available on different platforms.

2. Format of availability of learning materials

The traditional information was available in books. It has changed to videos and photos in recent years. Virtual reality in 2020 will change the format in which students access and consume information. A teacher can stimulate reactions, experiments, equations, geographical phenomena, and such other topics. It will change lesson delivery for the teacher and the infrastructure required in class.

3. The currency of learning materials used in class

Technology has shortened the knowledge cycle. Students do not have to wait for months or years for discoveries to make their way into class. In fact, a student can quote a paper released in the morning on another continent, thanks to technology. Institutions have established databases with the latest journals and articles in different fields. The internet also helps students to follow presentations live from thousands of miles away. 

The role of the teacher, education institutions, and formal education thus becomes a validation of information available in the learning materials. The teacher and institution will have to guide the student on reliable sources of information. The teacher is also expected to read widely because students have greater access to information today than in the past.

Skill-based learning

2020 is expected to herald growth in skill-based courses as opposed to degrees and diplomas. Universities and colleges are not about to be phased out. However, the job market is changing so rapidly that employers are looking for particular skills. Short courses offered online will take precedence because they save the students or workers the hustle of enrolling in a college.

It is expected that technology giants like gadget manufacturers and software developers will target the class more in 2020. New gadgets, apps, and platforms will emerge. As more content goes online, the student is also expected to keep abreast of what is happening in the tech-education platform.

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