Did SpaceX hit a breakthrough with its Starship? Starship in Zero-G

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SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk has to be the most impractical yet shoot-for-the-moon kind of person ever to lead a world-renowned company. Affordable space tourism is not the dream of a distant future anymore. With his vision and the relentless, rigorous work done by his team at SpaceX, Musk is redefining space travel.

On February 5th, 2020, Musk tweeted yet another cryptic message with a concept vision of a concert playing in Zero Gravity. The photo tweeted by Musk shows a violinist playing her instrument levitating on the air while a group of the audience looks on enchanted with the incredible view of the earth’s superb blue tail in the background.

Does Musk’s Tweet mean that his team has hit a breakthrough with the Starship fleet? Does that mean it will only be a few days till the SpaceX team announces that Starship can take its first flight to space? Or does that simply showcase what the Starship will offer once it is complete?

It should be mentioned that the International Astronautical Congress 2020 will be held in Dubai from 12th October 2020 through to 16th October 2020. Musk’s tweet might as well indicate what SpaceX will bring to the IAS 2020, even though it is eight months away.

However, if the SpaceX Starship vehicle is complete in time and it takes its first flight to space with passengers on board, it is highly unlikely that the Starship will have the massive windows as shown in the picture. It could be a number of high-res screens showcasing the view outside.

Predict the concept art tweeted by Musk in whichever way you please, there is very little doubt as to the appeal of the concept, and if Musk makes it possible in real-time, it would be a giant leap for humanity towards achieving what was previously thought of as being an unattainable goal.

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