Instagram plays a significant role in the lives of millennials. From following our favorite celebrities to posting our daily activities, we share everything on Instagram nowadays. Are you addicted to this amazing app? Well, we have some good news for you.

It seems like Instagram is working on video trimmer for the ‘Stories’. However, we still don’t have any official confirmation from the developers of this social giant.

The sources apparently revealed that the developers have been working on this feature for Instagram for a while now. A Twitter user, Jane Manchun Wong slipped this tip via her February 8, 2020 tweet which informs us of Instagram’s recent activity and future goals.

A similar kind of feature is already present for the feeds on Instagram. Now, this new feature will also allow us to trim the videos directly while uploading them as the story on Instagram. This will work more like the WhatsApp in terms of trimming the videos while uploading.

Previously, we had to trim long videos separately if we wanted to add them as stories. This feature will definitely come handy for youngsters who prefer faster ways to lead their lives. We hope this comes out soon for the betterment of the app.

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