Xiaomi continues to innovate new things, and amaze the world. What started off as a primary smartphone manufacturing company with a global reach, and immense popularity, Xiaomi continues to branch out into inventing new things, taking the company further down the line, and making living smarter for everyone.

Recently, Xiaomi through its collective financing platform Youpin, introduced a new what can be termed as a smart thermometer that measures temperature almost instantly.

The thermometer is a Barcon non-contact infrared thermometer, and it shows the temperature almost instantly without any substantial delay. All the user needs to do is to point the device on the forehead and press the button to get the result instantly.

How does it work? The thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitting from the surface of the body to accurately determine the body temperature. The data collected by the thermometer is processed using professional algorithms to ensure accurate temperature.

The result is almost perfect and neat. In the range of 35-42 degrees, the error is not more than 0.2 degrees. Barcon’s non-contact infrared thermometer features a temperature sensor and an ambient temperature compensation sensor for more accurate real-time monitoring.

Furthermore, the gadget automatically saves the temperature measurements for monitoring purposes. The device also comes packed with a number of features such as a fever warning, help with improper use of the device and so on.

The device features a screen for displaying the taken temperature. The noted temperature is shown as white text on a black background, hence, it is very easy to use and read the temperature on the thermometer. Other than measuring body temperature, the device also helps to measure surface temperature, such as water or milk, making it an indispensable item in a household.

The device is priced at $24 and will go on sale on and from 26th February 2020.