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Do you struggle with issues about charging your mobile phone? Waiting for hours to get your phone fully charged is indeed time-consuming. But to solve this problem, Xiaomi is here with its path-breaking fastest wireless Flash Charger. This technology is the fastest and most advanced in the world.

Lei Jun, the founder, and CEO of the Xiaomi Group has announced today the release of this self-developed 40W wireless+ MI-FC Flash Charging technology. This technology is being highly praised because of its high speed charging and producing no heat at the same time. Xiaomi 40W Wireless Flash charger charges 57% (2280 mAh ) in 20 minutes and 100 % ( 4000mAh) in 40 minutes.

Liu Yang, a Xiaomi engineer, has been elected as the Co-Chairman to the Alliance Working Group RWG (Regulation Work Group) in 2020. Now, Xiaomi has become the only Chinese mobile company to hold this chairmanship.

It is Xiaomi that has introduced and popularized wireless charging to the common people in the last two years. There are various charging rates: 10, 20, 30 and 40 watt.

The Wireless Charging Standards Alliance is known to be responsible for creating global wireless charging technologies and testing standards. It has 500 companies from around the world as its members. It uses independent authorized testing labs around the world to verify the interoperability, safety, and usability of the wireless chargers from about 5000 Qi-certified wireless charging products.

Lei Jun supports the idea of increasing investment in research and development in order to allow technical talents to receive honor and respect. Xiaomi is respected all over the world for its continued perseverance in bringing newer innovations and enriching the world of technology.

So are you not excited to grab this latest Xiaomi 40W wireless flash charger? Well, we all are, I am sure.

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