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How much you know about Tesla? This quiz will prove your knowledge

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Tesla Roadster Gen 2

Who founded Tesla?

Tesla Cars
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Tesla was founded in July 2003, by the engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, under the name of Tesla Motors.

When Tesla launched its first car?

Tesla Roadster
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Tesla Roadster is the first battery-electric vehicle manufactured by Tesla Motors in the year 2008. Elon Musk considers the Tesla Roadster a failure. Its because it was not able to give a good range and didn't ripe at that time. There were many more problems associated with the first Tesla vehicle.

Which Tesla model has "The Bioweapon Defense Mode"?

Tesla First Vehicle
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Tesla Model S features a unique air-filter system named as “The Bioweapon Defense Mode.” As per the company, the system is so strong that it can filet bacteria, allergens, and smoke, and too at least 500 times better than the regular ones.

Elon Musk got the idea of manufacturing Tesla solar panels from

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Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico city in September 2017 and caused the worst electrical blackout in U.S. history. The storm affected thousands of homes, hospitals, and businesses. Elon Musk was moved by this and pledged to contribute to rebuilding this. Hence he got the idea of manufacturing Tesla solar panels.

How many full-time employees did Tesla have at the end of 2019?

Tesla Employee
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Tesla had to lay-off more than 7 percent of its workforce in 2017 to streamline the company and prepare for its future mass-market car goals. Currently, the company employs 48,016 (Wikipedia).

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 for battery production is near Reno, Nevada. Where is Gigafactory 2?

Tesla Gigafactory
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Tesla Gigafactory 2 is a photovoltaic (PV) cell factory leased by Tesla subsidiary SolarCity in Buffalo, New York.

Who has more Twitter followers than Elon Musk? Choose any 2

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Elon Musk, very active on sharing details on Twitter - be it Tesla news or SpaceX launch. Kayne West and Taylor Swift have more Twitter followers.

Tesla’s board of directors includes 9 members. Which director has been on a leave of absence since November 2017?

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Steve Jurvetson has been with the company for over nine years and then went on a leave of absence since November 2017

What is the weight of Model X?

Tesla Voice
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How many Tesla super stations are there in the world?

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Tesla has 1,191 super stations, and that means 9,184 superchargers around the world, so the cars stay charged all the time.

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