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TikTok developer ByteDance launches new music streaming app Resso in India

Author at TechGenyz Apps
Resso Music App

TikTok is already popular in India for a while now with millions of users and the number is increasing rapidly. The developer of this popular social network, TikTok’s developer company ByteDance has recently come up with its new music streaming app called Resso. The app is already out in India and Indonesia offering a huge variety of music.

Just like TikTok, Resso app also targets the millennials as their audience. The app was in the Beta version in these two countries since December 2019. Resso app was officially introduced to the market in India only recently.

There are some big names in the music streaming industry like Ganna, JioSavan, and Spotify that are already established in the Indian markets with millions of followers. Amidst these giants how Resso performs will be worthy of watching. TikTok’s Resso app is now available on Google Play Store and App store for the users to download.

Resso: The music streaming app

Apart from the songs of famous artists, Resso also introduces us to new and talented artists. It also lets us shuffle through different genres of music and songs.

This new music app has introduced a new method of interacting with the users called the Vibes. This feature lets the users add up GIFs, videos, and images to react to their favorite songs.

You can use the app to do a little karaoke. Resso also shows the lyrics of the songs you are listening to. Therefore, you can now create new posters with the lyrics of your favorite songs and share them online. Not only these, but users can also create their own playlist, comment on the tracks they love and interact with their friends over the platform.

During the launch, the head of Music Content and Partnerships of Resso India, Hari Nair said:

Resso is designed to revolutionize how users consume music by filling the longstanding gap between music streaming and interacting with other listeners.

Nair also specified that they especially developed the app for the young generation music freaks while mentioning their future goals regarding Resso. He said:

Gen Z and millennials are at the core of our offering and both music and social networking are central to their daily lives. Our goal is to encourage them as well as everyday music listeners to express themselves in an interactive and engaging way. The relationship between music and the listener is currently passive, with Vibes, Comments and other features, Resso aims to transform this through a new and compelling music streaming experience.

More about Resso

Resso has already teamed up with some big music labels of the industry, e.g. T-Series, Saregama, Zee Music, YRF Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, etc. They have also come in agreement with a number of regional music labels to provide the users their favorite music in their own language.

Like other music streaming apps, Resso also offers subscription packages for its users. The monthly premium subscription costs only Rs.99 on Android while the iOS users can get it at Rs.199. This package offers ad-free music, high-quality music, and downloadable content.

Looking at the features, this newcomer will surely give a tough competition to its rivals in the industry.



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