Red Devils has launched its 5G gaming phone taking the gaming phone market by storm. Red Devils 5G gaming phone becomes the first to introduce a 144Hz screen refresh rate. This is exceptional as the market standard has been 90Hz for a while.

Understanding the screen refresh rate

With its high screen refresh rate grabbing all the headlines lets try to understand how does it impact the gaming performance. Screen refresh rate can be defined as the number of times an image is redrawn on the screen per second. A technically higher refresh rate creates smoother pictures.

This is because for the human the more the number of pictures displayed in a second, the better the picture quality. This works on the theory of persistence of vision in the human eye. Therefore the new 144Hz refresh rate puts Red Devils 5G gaming phone on a pedestal never reached before.

The cooling system

However, the Red Devils 5G’s high refresh rate often leads to higher heat generation. Thus the question arises, Are the Red Devils 5G equipped to dissipate this heat and at the same time maintain the performance that it claims to provide.

The cooling system of the phone seems very impressive. To cool the System-on-chip (SoC) Red Devils has deployed the ICE3.0 cooling system into the mobile phone. This system uses liquid-cooled heat pipes, fans, and materials with high thermal conductivity to regulate the device temperature.

Also, the fan can rotate at a maximum of 15000 rpm and responds to the changes in temperature and adjusts accordingly. This happens automatically. The estimated power consumption of the fan is minimal. Hence the cooling system looks more than robust to handle the extreme performance available in Red Devils 5G.

Gaming experience

Games like QO Speed and Real Racing 3 have been tested on the device. And these games function smoothly at a 144Hz refresh rate. Games for which the frame rates are limited to the lower end are also compatible. But if the “Sports Mode” is not activated the frequency tends to oscillate between 120-144Hz for games whose frame rates are not fixed.

To lock the frame rate to 144Hz the user has to switch on the “Sports Mode“. Red Devils 5G provides the user with the flexibility to choose the screen refresh rate. The phone system supports 60Hz, 90Hz, and 144Hz. At 144Hz switching on the cooling fan helps to maintain the performance and prevent the phone from overheating.

Naturally, at a high refresh rate, the battery consumption is higher. The Red Devil 5G battery has a rating of 4500 mAh and comes with fast charging support. The 55W charger in-box does this job. The phone can go from 0-90% charge in just 30 minutes.

The device gives vibration feedback comparable to that of Xbox. The player can easily feel the shooting, explosions and other scenes from these rhythmic vibrations. The Red Devils 5G processor is a combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + X55. It supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G, and Wi-Fi 6.


The phone’s appearance is also one of its coolest features. It comes with a glass back cover with a rich texture. The X-shaped texture design makes it aesthetically pleasing. And to grab the attention of the onlookers the red devils’ logo glows and can change color when in use.

The game dock contacts and the gaming sliders are on the left side of the phone. The bottom has the Type C port, speakers, and slots for the SIM card. The 3.5mm headphone jack is placed on the top. The power button is on the right side and is located at the center of the phone. The phone also comes with a 3 mic anti-blocking design giving a clearer voice.


Red Devils 5G cameras are placed at the back. The phone has three lenses: the main camera is the Sony IMX 686 with 64-megapixel, supported by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and a macro lens of 2-megapixel. The camera performance is pretty decent given its not the main USP of the phone.


Red Devils 5G has made an all-out effort to provide the ultimate gaming experience for its users. Its 144Hz screen rate is not just a gimmick. The intelligent and efficiently designed cooling system makes it possible for the phone to give an extremely high and stable performance. With an eye-catching appearance, it further advances its claim to be the best in its category.

Basic features

Display 6.65 inches, 144Hz refresh rate, AMOLED screen, 1080P resolution, 19.5: 9 ratio, 87.7% screen ratio, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, HDR, DC dimming, screen fingerprint.

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