According to app reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, Spotify is working on a new feature. The Swedish audio streaming platform is known for introducing outlandish features. So what is this new feature about.

I am sure all of us sometimes see a picture and wish for music to be played which suits it. This is what Spotify is reportedly working on. Going by Jane’s tweet, Spotify is testing a feature that will recommend music to the user based on a particular picture.

Spotify describes it in one line: “Take a photo and enjoy music watching your moment and mood, picked just for you.” Now there is two way of taking this picture. Either Spotify asks your permission for using your camera, or you can select photos from your gallery.

Privacy alarmists will definitely question Spotify requesting for camera access. But the Swedish company has been proactive and has released a statement regarding the privacy issue:

“We will only use the photo to recommend you music. We will not save or use the photo afterwards.”

Some scenarios on which this feature can really be useful are parties and gyms, or if you are going for a long jog. Spotify sees the picture of beer bottles and accordingly recommends a club song. Or if it detects a picture of gym equipment it suggests some adrenaline-pumping music. Likewise, if it gets a picture of a run it suggests something not very loud and not very soft.

On a personal note, this feature seems better than generating playlists for pets. Spotify has not announced when the latest feature will be introduced in the app. We will have to remain patient for it.