Huawei mobiles are here with smart battery-charging mode

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Have you ever come across the situation when you have put your phone for charging and even after being fully charged the charging doesn’t stop? Yes, we all have. Well, this is how the mobiles are devised! But Huawei is the Ice-breaker in this regard with its intelligent battery charging mode.

So, Huawei Mobile has launched a new smart charging mode for its mobile phones. With the help of this mode, the aging of the battery is reduced. Wanna know how? Here it is.

When a phone is put on charge for a long period of time and even after 100% charging is done, the charger is not removed, the battery loses its functional capability. It loses its longevity. This generally happens during over-night phone charging. It may also happen when we drive for a long time and the navigation mode is turned for a long time while charging it. According to reports, this mode of charging accelerates battery aging and Smart Battery Charging mode solves this problem.

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He Gang, the president of Huawei terminal mobile phone line, has spoken about the matter. According to him, the lithium battery, on being charged for a long time, will age faster. But the system’s intelligent built-in AI system learns the battery charging behavior of the phone. And then limits the charging as reduced and the battery life is saved from aging faster.

Once the Smart charging mode is turned on after it learns the charging behavior of the phone, it will limit the charging of the phone to some extent so that the constant flow of charging does not take place. Instead, you can turn off the Smart charging mode and the phone will resume getting charged. Once it reaches 100% it will stop charging and only external power supply will take place.

This system will stop battery-damaging and increase battery life. Now this Smart charging mode is available in Mate 30 series and Honor V30 series. Huawei is sure to launch more devices with this idea.

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