OPPO Ace Infinity freeVOOC Air Charging Tech Announced: Fool’s Day Hoax or Real?

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On April 1st, OPPO showcased a smartphone called the Oppo Ace Infinity. According to the manufacturer, the smartphone will be equipped with freeVOOC air-recharging technology that will reach a charging power of 5-10W within 10 meters. OPPO even released a short teaser trailer video explaining the technology a bit and what the audience should expect.

The explanation that has been offered by Oppo in that short promo video explains that the Free VOOC coil is embedded in the rim of the Ace Infinity. The coil comes with three layers, an absorption layer, a conversion layer, and a conductive material to keep the battery charged forever.

OPPO is calling the charging technology “the future of wireless charging”. The future of technology is truly wireless. So did OPPO actually do the impossible and made charging wireless too? According to the post, the charge will go wherever the Ace Infinity goes, given that it is within 10 meters.

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FreeVOOC air charging is a new charging technology that can locate the smartphone in real time through an invisible laser. The smartphone apparently uses nano-level light-sensitive sides, which eventually house the coil, which, in turn, is equipped with air-charging technology.

So far, according to the post made by OPPO, it looks like the charging system is not a stand-alone technology but will come with the upcoming OPPO Ace Infinity.

Oppo FreeVOOC air charging tech is special because it is an active charging technology that puts the phone first, and then comes the charging part. If the phone is not in motion, it will be locked, and the power will gradually increase to achieve faster charging. If that path is interrupted, it will be scanned again.

However, the technology sounds too good to be true right now, and OPPO’s timing to announce this tech of the future sounds dubious, especially since they decided to announce in on the Fool’s day.

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